Sunday, February 26, 2012

Acumen Development Setup in Windows 7

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Important: Versions of Java, Scala and SBT, check the image below, click it to enlarge...
Instructions for Setup:
1. Download , Extract and rename it to acumen for easy access from command promt
2. Download sbt-launch-0.7.4.jar , and rename it to to sbt-launch.jar. Make sure that Java is already installed and set to path
3. Create a batch file sbt.bat and paste the below code to sbt.bat
set SCRIPT_DIR=%~dp0
java -Xmx512M -jar "%SCRIPT_DIR%sbt-launch.jar" %*

 4. Place the sbt.bat and sbt-launch.jar files in same folder
5. Put sbt.bat on path, so that you can launch sbt in any directory by entering sbt from command prompt

6. Open Command Prompt and enter in to the acumen/sources, see image below
8. Now launch SBT by entering sbt from the acumen/sources directory , see image below...
9. Type reload and press enter in the command prompt, see image below...
10. Type update and press enter in the command prompt, see image below ....

11. Type run and press enter in the command prompt, if everything goes fine like me, now you see the compiled and run acumen output, see image below...

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